Local Ministries

Bethany Covenant Church prayerfully supports the following ministries in our extended community.  Please click on the ministry or contact person(s) listed below for more information:


1269 Café This is a Christ-centered outreach to the homeless in inner-city Manchester, offering Sunday worship services, Bible studies, a food pantry, and other services as needed.  Contact:  Mary Chevalier @ 512-1571

Bethany Contacts:  Doug & Deb Wheeler @ (603) 502-6822 (cell)


CareNetThis agency (in Nashua and Manchester) empowers individuals to make informed, life-affirming decisions relating to pregnancy and physical/mental health.  Within a compassionate and safe environment, Christian counselors provide help for men and women who are living under the effects of unplanned pregnancy.  Contact:  Linda Barry, Director @ (603) 623-5534 or (603) 305-5004.

Bethany Contact: Melissa Kurtz @ (908) 720-6525


Christian AfterCare This Manchester-based ministry is dedicated to preventing and/or breaking the criminal and/or self-destructive behavior patterns common to at-risk individuals (offenders and ex-offenders).  Contact:  Paul Roussel @ (603) 669-5090 

Bethany Contacts:  Neil & Deb Corriveau @ (603) 497-8479


Emmanuel Maria Foundation (EMF) – This Christ-centered foundation was established to raise awareness and support for the Emmanuel-Maria Charity Association in Arad, Romania, which provides humanitarian aid and assistance by distributing food and clothing and providing social and psychological support for many people in the region, including children, families, and nursing home occupants.  Bethany Contacts:  Cathy Thorgerson (603) 668-3919 and Joyce Walton (603) 540-0727


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – This ministry is active in our community to encourage our young people to be impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.  Contact:  Mike Vining @ (415) 559-8037 

Bethany Contacts:  Brad & Jody Holt @ (603) 721-1830


Food for ChildrenThis non-profit organization is an inner-city (Manchester), weekly ministry united in God’s love that provides food, encouragement, clothing, prayer, and other essentials to at-risk children and their families. Bethany Contact:  Pete Dalrymple @ (603) 620-4391 


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship The purpose of this ministry–at colleges and universities–is to establish and advance witnessing to communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord:  growing in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world.  Contact:  David Spinale @ (603) 858-4894


Nathan Project This non-profit ministry promotes the recovery of broken men, women, and their families caught in the web of sexual addiction.  Contact:  Rick Kardos @ (603) 682-7800


New Horizons for NH, Inc.This inner-city Manchester ministry houses an emergency shelter, soup kitchen for seniors and families, and a food pantry.  Contact:  Mary Silva @ (603) 668-1877


New Life Home for Women and Children – This is a faith-based residential program in Manchester dedicated to helping women overcome drug and alcohol addictions while keeping them together with their children.  Contact:  Pastor Ben Adler @ (603) 624-8444  (member of Bethany Covenant Church)

Bethany Contact:  Suzanne Rankins @ (617) 821-7966



Salvation Army (Kids‘ Café – Birthday Parties) – This wonderful inner-city outreach in Manchester is solely supported by Bethany Covenant.  We need a volunteer to coordinate a monthly birthday party for underprivileged children who have a birthday within that month. 

Interested?  Please contact Rebecca Nee!